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The TDx is an incredibly versatile disc in the fact that it offers easy, controllable distance while handling quite a bit of snap and power at the same time. Discmania set out to find a new addition to the TD family and what they came up with is truly amazing. The TDx is a disc that will be a staple in the bags of every caliber of golfer and we're fairly sure that anyone who gives this disc a fair shot, won’t be disappointed. 

While the TDx thrives with tailwind shots and anhyzer/turnovers thanks to its natural turn and glide, it can also be trusted to handle dead straight lines with a smooth fade at the end of every flight. Discmania's goal is to reinvent the way the players attack the course and this disc adds yet another tool to get the job done. 

The TDx has an amazing carry that will keep it in the air for a long time and it's remarkably easy to get comfortable with. You may not want to throw it into strong headwinds but other than that, this disc will be great for almost every shot you can imagine. Be sure to explore all the weights we have to offer as well.


Kolmapäev, 20 September 2017

Väga hea ketas pikkadest üleminevateks viseteks. Endal on uus 175gr ja see kannatab päris palju jõudu, et tugevalt visates rollerisse ei lähe aga teeb pika pika s-i. Ootan juba, et saaks teda sisse mängida ja lihtsasti rollereid visata sellega. Ma pakun, et alla 170gr lähevad 110-120m viske puhul kenasti juba rollerisse

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