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The Guardian Lion is a low profile putter with an extremely flat top that fits great in any hand size. This putter has a neutral flight with a slight fade at the end, that helps guarantee a strong connection with the chains and keeping putting flight consistent. The Guardian Lion also doubles as a great approach disc. When thrown from further out the Guardian Lion sails straight with little to no fade, making this disc perfect for all types of approach shots. 

All of Discmania's Active discs are run in a plastic specifically designed to give a great ratio of grip and durability. The Active plastic is the perfect balance between keeping the disc firm as well as soft to the touch meaning the Active baseline plastic always feels comfortable and natural in the hand. This plastic also wears down with use, offering more versatility to your shot selection. Great price/quality -ratio!

Perfect choice for beginners and more experienced players alike!

Nice-to-know: The Guardian Lion stamp and the disc name will be changed to Tiger Warrior within the 2019 season. Also the faulty speed infomation on the stamp will be corrected from 1 to 3. Despite this, the disc itself will remain the same.

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